About the author

How can I begin to describe myself? A former journalist, I have reported in the areas of sports, news and business. I was a research analyst, a political advisor and civil servant. I play table tennis, I was also a coach of three waterpolo youth teams.

I am passionate about food, wine, sports, travel, social media, communications, photography, business and technology among others. A father of two, I used to be an avid reader before the birth of my children. On most weeks, I could read up to three books a week apart from my other varied interests. After suffering from withdrawal symptoms and discovering the joys of ebooks even when I was among the most sceptic when it comes to digital books, I have now settled for an average of a book per week.

I have a reputation among my friends as someone who can recommend great places not only for travel but also relating to food and wine. Whether it’s a top notch restaurant or a great sandwich place, I try to find people who are passionate about what they are doing and who have a story to tell.

Here you will find the experience my varied interests. I will write about food and wine, travel, Brussels and Malta and anything in between. I also will review some of the books I read.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


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