Thank you for your support. Some announcements

Autumn colours welcome the new

The three months of this blog have been phenomenal. The following has been beyond my expectations, the ambitious targets I set myself were reached and surpassed every time.

I can only thank you all for the support and encouragement which have kept me going on, at times even late at night to keep coming up with new content.

I am satisfied with what has been achieved over the past three months and you may have wondered why I have not posted for the past few days. The reason is that the format of this blog is a bit limiting. I found, also thanks to some avid followers, that finding content was no longer easy because the blog format might not have been ideal.

Originally, I set as a personal blog. At first it was an exercise in self-discipline particularly since the blog is and remains a hobby. At first I was not sure which direction to take. But as time went by, I started to write more and more about what I am really passionate about which is food, wine and travel.

I am therefore making the following changes which I hope will signify a new stage in the development of this hobby.

Firstly this blog will become a more personal account of things which I would like to speak about but which might not necessarily be related to food, wine and travel. I will for the time being still link to the new website for content related to food and wine and will from time to time continue to write about books  given that this is a topic that has been rather popular. This blog will be more personal from now on and will be updated less frequently.

My main focus for the time being, and my free time, will be spent on I hope you continue to follow me on this journey. This is less of a blog and more of a magazine style website which enables users to access content in an easier manner. It is still very much work in progress and I welcome any comments you might have on how to make it better or regarding its functionality. You can either comment on the new blog or send an email to info -at-

This has been a completely new experience for me and one which has led to a few late nights to get it up and running in the shortest possible time. I hope that you like the results and bear with me until I get the site polished. But I am raring to go, in the little free time I have and promise that there will be more new compelling content.

The format allows for the sharing of content so I am looking for anyone who would like to write guest posts or to share blogposts on

Thank you once again for your following and i hope to welcome you on the new website.


Author: Food and Wine Gazette

I am passionate about food, wine, sports, travel, social media, communications, photography, A father of two, Here you will find the experience of a very varied career.

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